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Farhenheit 451 Literary Criticism Essay Example For Students

Farhenheit 451 Literary Criticism Essay Literary Criticism of Fahrenheit 451 Dont worry, be happy, or at least thats what everyone in Ray Bradburys book Fahrenheit 451 thought. No matter what was going on around them, war, crime, or death, they were always happy Or were they? Ray Bradbury wrote books about censorship in society forming around being censored totally or partially from books and television. In Fahrenheit 451 the main character, Montag, is a fireman whose job it is to burn books to keep the public from reading then and coming up with their own thoughts and ideas and not the ideas that the government puts in their heads. Wile he is burning books one day he opens one to read it and becomes obsessed with reading books. He turns on his fire chief and burns him, and goes to live with people who also read books and memorize them so that they can be reprinted then society is ready for them again. Three people that show that they are happy on the outside but are not truly happy are Montag, Mildred and Mrs. Phelps. In the story, Montag, who is a fireman for the city thinks he is happy until he meets a neighbor girl named Clarisse. Clarisse is considered an oddball in the society of Fahrenheit 451 because she is antisocial in their world which actually means that she is social by todays standards. She talks to people about things instead of the people of 451 who talk about meaningless things that have no substance. Peter Sesario says thats she is considered to be this way because, She was a sensitive, observant person who questioned society and was consequently eliminated by the government (3). One day as Montag and Clarisse are walking down the street Clarisse says to Montag, Are you Happy?(10). Montag is speechless and before he could come up with and answer Clarisse is gone. As he enters his house he talks to himself, Of course Im happy. What does she think? Im not?(10) When he is saying this he looks up to the ceiling where he has Hidden books which are things that actually make him happy instead of the things around him which he thinks makes him happy. She also notices that when Montag laughs it is a fake laugh and that he doesnt really mean it when he laughs. Also when he smiles it is not a real smile which further goes to show that he isnt happy. Another character that seems like she is happy but really is not happy at all is Mildred. She is Montags wife and she is not happy at all even though she believes she is. One way she shows that she is not happy is that she tries to commit suicide one day by over dosing on sleeping pills while Montag is at work. Montag comes home to find her laying on the floor passed out and an empty bottle of sleeping pills beside her. He calls 911 and two men come to his house wearing nonstainable reddish-brown coveralls and two specially made machines. They came to pump her stomach and clean her blood. The two men pumped her stomach and thought nothing of it. Critic Edward Eller says, They act as casually as handymen doing a fix-it-up job (2). As the mens machines are doing the work one of the men who is talking to Montag and says, Hell! We get these cases nine or ten a night (15). This shows that it is not only Mildred that is unhappy but many other people in the society of Fahrenheit 451. Also she considers the people in her soap operas to be her real family and not her husband. 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One other person who seems happy to the reader at first but in all actuality is not, is Mrs. Phelps. One day as Mrs. Phelps is talking about children and how she would never have them because it is not worth it Mrs. Bowles says .

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The Ride I Will Never Forget free essay sample

The ride I will never forget . Waking up on sunny day where sun shined bright in my face, I thought to myself, it is time to wake up. It was the middle of the summer somewhere at the end boxful. It was not an ordinary day for me. I spent the night at my friends house because the night before we went down town to spend time with our friends. That night, we shared alcoholic beverages which made the night a little more relaxed. When it was time to go home I realized that I could not drive.I asked my friend to drive us home, UT I could never have known that this ride would be unforgettable. My friend suggested that we stay at his house. And I agreed. To show my appreciation I offered buy him sushi for lunch so we took my moms car to the restaurant. We will write a custom essay sample on The Ride I Will Never Forget or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page On the way, traffic, so I thought to myself if I overstep the law, I could save us some time by going the wrong way down a one way. As I thought we were good and no one saw it, I hear sirens and see police lights flashing from a distance. I was devastated and felt my heart crunching inside of me.During that moment I did not know what to do. I did not have a drivers license nor registration for the car, and there was a possibility that I still had alcohol In my system from the previous night out. The officer took off his helmet and got off from his motorcycle, and as he was walking towards our car I had a hundred thoughts In my mind, but none were good or helpful in figuring out a reason for my action. I looked to my friend and said, Im in so much trouble. He was Just staring to me with an open mouth with nothing to reply to that.As the officer came to the car, I rolled down the window, and the words coming from him were, license and registration please l I had nothing to give him. He was surprised and asked, what was I doing In car with no license and registration. I explained the situation and how I got In this trouble, to which he replied that he may have take the car and, I would not be able to get a license for two years. My friends license would be taken away too, as well as we would both be fined . In that moment I was Just shaking and desperate for a chance.I had one last I Idea In my mind which was to bribe the officer. I looked up to him and asked If he would Like to eat lunch. He thought for few seconds, and replied , how much are we talking about ? So we agreed that he would follow me to my home, where I would give him the money. At that moment I felt as If a mountain had fallen off of my back. I was relieved and thankful that It all went the way I wished. When I went to give the officer the money, and he sad, Its alright, I dont need It and said that I could keep It !I was so handful that he was so generous I Just put the money In his folder and thanked him. The officer took off and I went In the house with my friend. I fell In the chair and laid there for ten minutes. I could not believe that everything was alright. I looked up to my friend and told him, lets order sushi I This story made me realize how careful I need to be and to never try something Like that again. BY puke it is time to wake up. It was the middle of the summer somewhere at the end of July. Here was a possibility that I still had alcohol in my system from the previous night liking towards our car I had a hundred thoughts in my mind, but none were good He was surprised and asked, what was I doing in car with no license and registration. I explained the situation and how I got in this trouble, to which he replied that he moment I was Just shaking and desperate for a chance. I had one last I idea in my mind which was to bribe the officer. I looked up to him and asked if he would like to At that moment I felt as if a mountain had fallen off of my back.I was relieved and thankful that it all went the way I wished. When I went to give the officer the money, and he sad, its alright, I dont need it and said that I could keep it ! I was so thankful that he was so generous I Just put the money in his folder and thanked him. The officer took off and I went in the house with my friend. I fell in the chair and laid there for ten minutes. I could not believe that everything was alright. I looked up to my friend and told him, lets order sushi ! This story made me realize how careful I need to be and to never try something like that again.

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Homework Solutions Essays

Homework Solutions Essays Homework Solutions Paper Homework Solutions Paper The latter rate would rise more slowly than the rate of increase in GAP with the least effect of the three types. Conversely, in an economic slowdown, a progressive tax falls faster because not only does it decline with income, it becomes proportionately less as incomes fall. This acts as a cushion on declining incomes-?the tax bite is less, which leaves more of the lower income for spending. The reverse would be true of a regressive tax that falls, but more slowly than the progressive tax, as incomes decline. Question 4 Briefly state and evaluate the problem of time lags in enacting and applying fiscal policy. How might politics complicate fiscal policy? How might expectations of a near-term policy reversal weaken fiscal policy based on changes in tax rates? What is the crowding-out effect, and why might it be relevant to fiscal policy? Question 1 It takes time to ascertain the direction in which the economy is moving (recognition lag), to get a fiscal policy enacted into law (administrative lag), and for the policy to have its full effect on the economy (operational lag). Meanwhile, other factors may change, rendering inappropriate a particular fiscal policy. Nevertheless, discretionary fiscal policy is a valuable tool in preventing severe recession or severe demand-pull inflation. A political business cycle is the concept that politicians are more interested in reelection than in stabilizing the economy. Before the election, they enact tax cuts and spending increases to please voters even though this may fuel inflation. After the election, they apply the brakes to restrain inflation; the economy will slow and unemployment Will rise. In this view the political process creates economic instability. A decrease in tax rates might be enacted to stimulate consumer spending. If households receive the tax cut but expect it to be reversed in the near future, they may hesitate to increase their spending. Believing that tax rates will rise again (and possibly concerned that they will rise to rates higher than before the tax cut), households may instead save their additional after-tax income in anticipation of needing to pay taxes in the future. The crowding-out effect is the reduction in investment spending caused by the increase in interest rates arising from an increase in government spending, financed by borrowing. The increase in G was designed to increase AD, but the resulting increase in interest rates may decrease l, Thus the impact of the expansionary fiscal policy may be reduced. Question 7 Why did the budget surpluses in 2000 and 2001 give way to a series of budget deficits beginning in 2002? Why did those deficits increase substantially beginning in 2008? The economy was sluggish through 2002, lowering revenues, and in June 2003 Congress again cut taxes.

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Make Mood Ring Color Change Slime

Make Mood Ring Color Change Slime Combine mood ring science and slime in this fun and easy color change chemistry project. This is thermochromic slime, which means its slime that changes colors according to temperature. Its simple to make. Color Change Slime Ingredients You can add thermochromic pigment to any of the slime recipes, so feel free to experiment. Heres how to make temperature-sensitive slime using the classic recipe: 1/4 cup white school glue (or use the transparent kind for see-through slime)1 tablespoon water3 teaspoons thermochromic pigment (find at Amazon)1/4 cup liquid starch (find at Amazon)food coloring  (optional) Youll notice thermochromic pigment tends to go from one color to a second color (e.g., blue to yellow or red to green), rather than display a whole rainbow of colors like a mood ring. You can expand the color possibilities of the slime by adding food coloring. This will give the slime a base color and will alter the appearance of the color change pigment.   Make Heat Sensitive Slime Stir together the glue and water.Sprinkle the thermochromic pigment over the mixture and stir it in. This is to help avoid clumps.Mix in food coloring, if desired.Add the liquid starch. You can stir it in, but this is the fun part, so feel free to use your hands to make the slime!  Discard any leftover liquid. When youre not playing with it, store the slime in a plastic baggie or sealed container. You can put it in the refrigerator if you plan on keeping it a long time, to discourage mold from forming. Also refrigerating the slime is a good way to get it to change color after youve warmed it with your hands.Clean up slime using warm water. If you use food coloring, remember it can stain hands and surfaces. Tips for Playing with Thermochromic Slime Drape the slime over cold drink containers or hot coffee cups.Heat the slime with a blow dryer. You can add more liquid starch to rehydrate the slime if it starts to dry out.Experiment with the response to hot packs and cold packs.Use a thermometer to see if you can determine what temperature changes the color of the pigment. How Thermochromic Slime Works The slime part of the science project works the same as usual. In the type of slime made using glue and starch or borax, the polyvinyl alcohol from the glue reacts with the borate ion from the borax or starch, forming long chains of molecules that link to each other a polymer. Water fills in the spaces in this network, giving you damp, gooey slime. The heat-sensitive color change relies on leuco dyes. There are  pigment molecules that alter their structure in response to a change in temperature. One conformation reflects/absorbs light one way, while the other conformation reflects/absorbs another way or else appears colorless. Typically these dyes change from one state into another, so you get two colors. Contrast this with liquid crystals found in mood rings, which change color as the space between components of the crystal increases/decreases. Liquid crystals display more colors, but the most common color change liquid crystal composition is inactivated by water, so it wont work with slime.

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Human Resources- Understanding Job Satisfaction, Commitment, & Term Paper

Human Resources- Understanding Job Satisfaction, Commitment, & Employee Retention - Term Paper Example All these three aspects are interrelated to each other. If job satisfaction is positive then it leads to strong organizational commitment and this may result in high level of employee retention. If there is negative job satisfaction, the employees will reduce their commitment towards work and organization which ultimately results in high level of turnover rate. In this paper, details of job satisfaction, organizational commitment along with employee retention have been discussed succinctly. The paper also covers the relationship between the three factors in a precise way. Finally, the paper is enclosed with a few concluding lines about the entire topic. 2.0 Job Satisfaction Job satisfaction is the result of emotional reaction related to the specific job situation. The satisfaction is dependent on the level of outcome of the job that means whether the employees can meet the result or exceed their expectations. Job satisfaction turns to be negative when the rewards are less and this ma y result in negative attitude towards the job (Tella & Et. Al., 2007). Job satisfaction is the affective response of an employee; therefore it can be a source or may be related to high productivity. It is a fact that â€Å"the satisfied worker is the productive worker†. Thus, satisfaction level of the worker is extensively related to the performance and quality of work. However, various studies have shown that satisfaction or dissatisfaction has no relation to the productivity of work. Satisfied workers may or may not be high producers and those employees who are high producers may not be interested in their jobs. Job satisfaction and dissatisfaction may not result in explicit behavior such as positive or negative influence in productivity, grievance, absenteeism, turnover and others. It may depend upon the personal characteristics of an employee that may be his or her personality and prospects for self expression lying on the job (Smith, n.d.). 3.0 Commitment Organizational commitment has been defined in various ways by Beckeri, Randal and Riegel (1995). It is considered as a strong aspiration of the employees to be a member of a particular organization. It is also defined as high level efforts that can be applied by employees for the organization and the employees’ acceptability related to the values as well as goals of the organization. Organizational commitment is associated with several factors such as personal factors, for example, age, professional periods in the organization, external or internal ascription. The other factors are organizational factors and these encompass job design, leadership style; and other non-organizational factors consist of availability of substitutes (Tella & Et. Al., 2007). According to Mowday, Porter and Steer (1982), organizational commitment is considered as an attachment and loyalty. There are three components related to organizational commitment which involve identification related to the goals as well as s tandards of the organization, desire to be associated with the organization and finally, an eagerness to show efforts for the organization (Mowday & Et. Al., 1982). Organizational commitment can also be termed as the power of the recognition of an individual and his attachment within the

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Motivation -wk3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Motivation -wk3 - Essay Example When I look at my description of a good day, I can say that emotionally I would be feeling happy and peaceful during the day. I would have autonomy because I was working alone, getting things done, and having good conversation with a friend. This would be my example of autonomy support. I believe that competence would be shown in my ability to do my job well and identify prospects to finish. This action gives me a high feeling of competence. Structure is very important to me and the more organized I am, the more competent I fee. My conversation with my friends appeals to my sense of involvement because the conversation showed we are caring people and we enjoy being together. This action brings me a sense of well being and I feel that I am loved by my friend and my family. Reeves (2009) states that vitality is associated with the way in which people feel during a good day. When people feel "autonomous, competent and interpersonally related (p. 168) they also feel vital or like their life has meaning. In terms of psychological need, people need to feel a sense of self-worth in anything they do. I would think that a person who is feeling vibrant and needed would be more motivated to do more than those who are not. Motivation would be enhanced for someone when they knew they were needed. My final project will research the educational needs of teenagers in Liberia. I will concentrate on the needs of teenage girls. This is a social change issue because there are many challenges that girls in Liberia have that influence their education. Some of these challenges are teen pregnancy, rape, and fall out from their past civil war. I would like to understand the motivation for teens to become educated despite all of these issues. Generally speaking, in most countries teens may be motivated to become educated because the laws say that children must go to school from an early age to about the age of 18. In Liberia, the

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Sherwin williams Essay Example for Free

Sherwin williams Essay No matter how you coat it, Sherwin-Williams is one of the largest paint manufacturers in the US and worldwide. Sherwin-Williams has rose to his level of success by excelling in the their strategic management process and Sherwin-Williams implements its strategy with its mission statement: For over 140 years, manufacturers have trusted Sherwin-Williams for innovative coatings and exceptional service. And you can count on us for the expertise and the support you need to get better results, from start to finish. Also The Sherwin-Williams Company has established a vision statement and quality commitment, which states: We commit to seek out the expectations of our customers and to consistently meet and exceed those expectations through our service, products and attitudes. To achieve this vision Sherwin Williams will use a combination of innovation and market development grand strategies to realize the long-term objectives of improving local market position, creating a high focus on customer satisfaction, attaining high employee morale, and increasing market share. The Sherwin-Williams Company is committed to the products finishing industry and strives to be a valuable supplier and resource for their customers. Sherwin Williams intends to overcome challenges and take advantage of all market opportunities through committing to the strategic implementation. This commitment starts right at the top and is expected throughout every level of management all the way down to the frontline sales force. Strategic Managers have been utilizing a plan in supporting personnel in order to direct their efforts at specific markets and customers of a global scope. A group of Strategic Account Managers dedicates their efforts towards total service of specific global accounts through close communication with customer facilities, their emphasis is coordinating sales and service activities. Currently, Sherwin-Williams growth strategy is to acquire Consorcio Comex, the second largest specialty paint store organization in the Western Hemisphere. The acquisition will expand the architectural paint business in Americas and increase retail distribution in many markets where the store count is low. Sherwin-Williams is engaged and has invested in  capital expenditures to increase manufacturing capacity, enhance productivity of its existing facilities and expanded its store network. Management is continually re-evaluating the company’s operating facilities, including acquired operating facilities, against its long-term strategic goals as the company continues within its growth strategy. Sherwin-Williams maintains its strategic control using an operational excellence program which is a methodology for pursuing continuous improvement. Utilizing this process for defining, measuring, analyzing, improving and controlling the business, manufacturing, and service facilities will help management be prepared to identify areas for improvement and implement necessary process or procedural changes. Management has a significant commitment in utilizing these control resources that will result in improvements in service and quality to our customers for years to come. From Sherwin-Williams expansive distribution and multiple manufacturing locations, to their experienced sales and technical service professionals they have excelled in implementing their strategic management and planning process by listening and responding to specific product, service and performance needs of their customers. Levy, Keith. Sherwin-Williams Is Painting a New Picture of Marketing. Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 08 Nov. 2011. Web. 27Apr. 2013. Sherwin-Williams. Investor Relations. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Apr. 2013. Want to Learn More about Our History, Career Opportunities and Investor Relations? Sherwin-Williams. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Apr. 2013.